Saturday, March 21, 2009

Slash Household Expenses

As Christian families, we strive to make our homes places of enterprise, activity, and wise stewardship. When we can incorporate activities into our home life that help us achieve these ends while modeling them for our children’s education, we have a vision for success.

There are many things going on in todays world that makes you want to take some action to protect your family. There are hard economic times here with more coming and also a time when our food is no longer "safe." We hear of all the things they put in our food and all the bacteria that slips through the quality control system. Many people are choosing to do more things at home. They are raising and growing their own food and making soap and cooking from scratch. There are some great videos out there to help people get started on these different areas. Vision Forum is having a sale to help you get some of these videos into your home.

Offer #1: Homestead Blessings Video Series - $45 for the set (25% off)

In this professionally-produced, 3-DVD set, you will learn how to bake bread, make soap, and create beautiful homemade candles—each skill offers a great way to save money and create uniquely personal gifts while working together as a family.

Offer #2: Frugal Homestead Ideas Collection - $30 for the set (17% off)

The Backyard Homestead: Have you ever wanted to transform your backyard into your family’s personal grocery store? Learn how now!
Just in Case: Everything you need to know about how to survive when public services fail is covered in this essential guide to family preparedness.

Offer #3: Save even more if you buy all 3 DVDs and 2 books for just $68.

Bonus Offer:
Purchase the entire collection above and SAVE 68% on The Entrepreneurial Bootcamp DVD Collection. Get the entire package for just $99!

Prepare for self-employment in an uncertain economy, and learn how to biblically escape “the rat race” and work with your family in The Entrepreneurial Bootcamp DVD collection.

I know that many of the homesteading type things we do, we learned from watching others or reading books. These are some good sources for you to have on hand.

Special Offers End March 25, 2009

Act now to take advantage of these cost-saving special offers! Special pricing is available only online, is not retroactive, and expires at midnight (CST) on March 25, 2009.

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