Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Create a Blessing For Your Children

I have been thinking about something and decided to share it several places. I have a recipe box, but I also have a basket full of loose recipes. I know in my mind what size of paper, what color, or some identifying thing that I can flip through them and find what I want fairly quickly. Many times when I go through my recipe basket, I end up weeping as memories sweep across me. I have many recipes in my Mom's own hand writing. I have one for potato doughnuts that is in my Grandma's handwriting. She used to bake batches and batches of these. My Mom and her siblings would go out and sell them door to door. These cards are often stained and faded, yet they are such a blessing to me.

We have all these fancy things we can put our recipes into on the computer, etc. Don't forget to put some family favorites on a recipe card or a hand decorated piece of paper and date them. Give them to your children. I have my Mom's two famous jello recipes she gave to me, and she gives me directions at the bottom. Then she tells me how many generations of my family have made them and tells me to enjoy them. She then signed it Love, Mom. This is precious to me. Bless your future generations by creating something in your own handwriting for them. Just a thought.


stacy said...

what a sweet thought. i feel the same way about heirloom recipes!

Anonymous said...

I, too, have many recipes like those you mentioned. They are priceless.

I would love your Grandmother's Potato Doughnut recipe ;-)

The K. Family said...

I have some of those handwritten recipes as well from my grandparents. I hope to make copies someday for each of my girls. Thanks for sharing your memories.

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks for the reminder. I too have some very cherished recipes from my Grandmother's hand. I cherish those things and I know it would have meant a lot to her to know I use them today. For me my collection of recipes are more than just good dishes. They are a way to connect with people that we have met all over during my husband's navy time. I leanred to bake bread when he was stationed in Virginia at the hand of my Titus 2 woman in my life. I learned to make Mexcian food when he was stationed in New York. With each recipe, comes wonderful memories from precious people all over different areas. Good memories and good food!!!
grace and peace,