Thursday, February 19, 2009

Farm Weather Update

We have had some nice days that make you think that Spring is just around the corner. Then you have mornings like today and you want to shoot that ole groundhog for seeing his shadow. :) It is currently 22 degrees with a wind chill of 6 degrees. The lows forecasted for this week are all in the low teens and the highs are in the 20's and the low 30's one day. Here is what I looked out at this morning.

Then a couple of hours later, I looked out and the sun was shining, there was blue sky and no snow at all. I did not take a picture right then, but here are a couple of pictures of right now. It is just barely spitting a bit of snow and it is a bit overcast again.

I am thinking warm thoughts. :) Are there any signs of Spring where you live?


The Dearborns said...

Our weather has been trying to make up it's mind too. Somedays it gets warm enough for short sleeves, and then the next it's back to hats and mittens. :-/ I am rooting for Spring! :) Especially since we are going to be here into the Summer now; I have time to sit back and smell the roses...if they would only come out.

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
We have been seeing glimpses of spring time for a while now. However, it is a little chilly today. But yes there are those signs of the daffodils and tulips fixing to bloom!
~Have a great weekend!~

Patricia said...

sigh... no, no signs of spring yet...