Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can She Bake a Cherry Pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

I saw this over on Penny Raine's blog. I really liked it and thought I would share it with you.

I have incredible daughters. They can cook, sew, bake bread, care for a baby, clean like a professional, and also break a horse, drive a tractor, milk a cow, can homemade preserves, and stack a field full of hay bales. They are also creative and beautiful. Now what I want to know is why that is unusual? When did we as Christian American parents lose our desire to raise daughters with values AND skills? My new ebook series was born out of a need to teach young (and old) mothers forgotten skills. Basic stuff. These are things we have learned together in our home. Why didn’t my mom teach me this stuff? I am glad I was bored enough with the normal American lifestyle to sit at my grandmas elbow as she sewed. It sparked something creative in me.

Most of the young ladies that live around me could do the above things as well. I do know many young ladies who are even 18 years old and they are a princess. They can't do anything domestic. I feel really bad for them, because they are going to be ill equipped for life after Dad and Mom. We were discussing the difference between Brittany, our precious Daughter-in=love and another young woman just over a year younger than her. There is a chasm between them. Not only in skills, but in maturity and nurturing and caring. Do your daughters a big favor and start training them NOW for their future homes. You will be surprised at what they are able to do and how much you will enjoy working side by side with them.

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The K. Family said...

Oh, I would have to agree with this! What I'm seeing though, is a generation of godly young ladies, learning all these useful skills but those same girls getting up into their upper twenties, even thirties, and no godly men to marry these qualified girls! Someone, somewhere, needs to start working on the young men of this country to first, have strong hearts and lives that serve God, and then ability to support a family with a vision of what God can do with them.