Friday, February 27, 2009

And The Winner Is...

I always try to be totally fair and impartial. I wrote down all the names on slips of paper. I went and checked out the links and added those people's name a second time. I was here by myself at that point, so I put the papers on the kitchen counter. Mr. Wonderful Neighbor and his son came by just after Michael got home. I had them pick out 3 names from the pile. Then I had Michael hold the dogs. I put 3 treats on the floor and said a name for each treat. Then he let Star go and which ever treat she went to first was the winner.

The winner is Dixiemaiden. Please email me and give me your address and I will have Vision Forum send you the True Beauty set.

Thanks everyone for entering.


Kelly said...

Marci, that is absolutely hilarious!

The Dearborns said...

Well, I think you should have been unfair and partial and chosen ME! ;) And here I thought Star and me were friends; traitor. ;D