Friday, November 07, 2008

What Are Your Basics?

If you have been around me any length of time, you will hear me talk about being faithful in the basics. What I mean by that is as a Christian... bottom line what am I supposed to be about.

I am first a child of the King. I need to spend time with Him, draw close to Him, talk to Him, listen to Him. So for me that means I need to spend time each day and time through out the day with Him. Sometimes if you can just read a couple of verses and ponder them and chew on them and look for ways to use them, it is better than reading a whole chapter or two and not really get much out of it. Some days reading the whole chapter is a good thing and it all fits together. I need to talk to Him as I go about my day. Pray without ceasing... Ask His help in my tasks, thank Him for my food, etc.

Secondly, I am a wife to my dear sweet Michael. He has put up with a whole lot over the years. Praise the Lord that He has been working on me. I have done lots of changing, but I still have lots to do. I need to put his needs before mine. I am his helper, not the other way around. I have seen women that expect their husband to totally take over the care of the children once he is home from work. If something goes wrong, he can do it, because they are off the clock. I used to think along these lines a bit, but I did not have lots of children so it was not as hard for me to steer clear of this area. I know there are several things in our home that my husband likes to see done. I need to work hard at making sure those areas are taken care of and then do the rest of the stuff. I need prayer here, because I am not too good at that yet. I forget, or sometimes just plain don't feel like it. I need to treat him with honor and respect. I don't need to share his faults with others. I need to make him know that he is the best thing since or even before sliced bread. The meals need to be things that he likes and enjoys. I need to learn to be selfless and not selfish. I need to learn to be willing to give 100% and expect nothing. Both parts of that equation are really hard.

Thirdly, I am a Mom to Joshua, and now a Mom-in-law to Brittany. My roles with my son have changed drastically now that he has a home of his own. However, there are still things I can be about. Prayer is a big one. I need to pray for him and his family. I need to encourage them and help out where I am able.

Then comes others. The above 3 are really the very basics for me, but I am trying to be more others minded. I have been thinking about my impact on those around me. Who would miss me when I am gone? Why would they miss me? Are people going to feel like God ministered to them through me? Do I really make a difference in people's lives? Again, am I selfish or selfless. Do I see needs around me? Am I looking?

I feel like these basics need to be reviewed by me often. I need to do a self test in these areas. I need to ask the Lord to keep pointing out the areas I need to work on.
How are you doing in your basics?

Here are some pictures I will leave you with. We bought a ram to service our ladies. His name is Daniel. He is a very sweet guy.

Here is our flock. Remember all the little black babies we had in the spring. Well, they did not stay black. In the background here you can see Grace with Lindsey and Woolsey. In the right front of the picture is Charity and behind her is Knit and Purl. Purl is the lighter colored one with the dark face. Sunshine is in the front left of the picture. Psalty is right beside her and Pepper is by him and of course Daniel the ram in the middle.

Here are 2 pictures of the dogs. The first one is Star with 2 of her tennis balls. :)

I told Belle to sit.... I guess we will have to work on that.


Elizabeth said...

Good stuff! You make a difference in my life! :) Love and miss you.

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks for the reminder and the pictures!!
grace and peace,

Sharri said...

I am living proof that you are needed on a regular basis!

What a void there would be in my life w/o you my friend!
I count you one of my greatest blessings!

Oh, and thanks for the "ouchy" post! LOL

Marci said...

I did not write this so people will tell me what I mean to them. I just have been thinking about am I about my Father's business. Thanks for the kind words, but ponder that in your heart as well. =)

Unknown said...

I would think that if we are all lining up with the Lord our basics are the same: seeking first the kingdom of God (which would include doing all the other things). To me, that defines the simplicity of the Christian life.

(Boy, that sounds deep! LOL!)

That picture of Belle is so funny! And typical!


heatherdmc said...

Wow, look at those horns! Those dogs can be a hoot. Plop! Down they go.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of your dog, Belle. I have a black and white Aussie and he looks just like that when he lays on his back.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you are truely a blessing that we hear and love to hear. It makes me feel so much closer to Him. You are truely a good lady with a great message.