Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Product Highlight!!

On Thursdays I plan on highlighting a product that we carry in the General Store. This will give people a chance to hear about why we chose to carry that product.

Early on in the product reviews, I did a review of grain mills over all. I want to be more specific and talk about one of the mills. It also happens to be on sale right now. =) I want to talk about the Nutrimill. I have had a Magic Mill and currently own the Whisper Mill. If I ever have the need to purchase a new mill, this is the one I would buy. We did purchase one for our son and his wife for their wedding.

The Nutrimill uses a high speed impact chamber to create flour from grains and beans, a well-proven milling method. But the Nutrimill has raised the bar for grain mills with new features and abilities users have asked for — a combination of features found in no other mill. The first of these is the ability to grind super fine flour (much finer than any other impact mill) and also adjust to produce the coarser flour grind you need for perfect corn breads. Its impact grain milling heads mean you'll have no stone glazing. Nutrimill has a 400% range of adjustment from fine to coarse, ten times greater than other mills! This grain mill turns out terrific flour, quickly and easily

The top dial slows the motor slightly, allowing for a coarser grind. It will make perfect corn mill or cream of wheat type cereal. Grinding coarser than any other high speed grain mill!

The second dial controls power and the air flow. You can turn the Nutrimill off and on with this dial any time during the milling process. We have heard complaints with other mills that they will "plug" if you turn them off or on while milling. Adjusting this dial will change the texture slightly from coarse to fine flour.

Nutrimill Features

* Over 20 cup bowl capacity
* 1 to 1 ratio for milling grain into flour - fill the hopper once and get a full bowl of fresh flour
* Ergonomically designed control knobs and bowl handles for safe and easy use
* Patent pending TruFeed" precision grain flow control
* Easy grip hopper lid for easy access and quieter operation
* TruTrack" bowl locking system - connects right every time
* World's first variable, high speed, mill motor
* Lifetime guarantee
* Texure dial for cracked wheat (finely cracked)

Nutrimill can operate with lid on! Quieter!

Extender lid allows 1-to-1 ratio from hopper to pan

Powerful motor module

Locking lid for flour pan with filter and cyclo cup

Flour pan holds up to 20 cups!

Mill base

This is a mill you can count on. Grinding your flour fresh is one large step in a healthy and well balanced diet made up of whole foods.

Come on over to the General Store and check us out!!

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Lynn said...

I have one of these and love it. It works great.