Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Product Highlight!!

On Thursdays I plan on highlighting a product that we carry in the General Store. This will give people a chance to hear about why we chose to carry that product.

Early on in the product reviews, I did a review of grain mills over all. Last week I highlighted the Nutrimill. I like that some people gave a testimonial of their having one and using it. Today, I am going to talk about the Family Grain Mill. I have had my Family Grain Mill for around 10 years. Mine does not have the motor base. I have the hand cranked one. When we lived in our last house, we had to put electricity into it. It was an Amish home when we bought it. We only put in five outlets. So, I used many hand powered items. I had the mill attached to the counter in my pantry area. I have tried many hand mills. I also own another hand cranked mill that is another brand. I have tried other people's mill out of curiosity. I think that the Family Grain Mill is by far the easiest to operate. I would make my bread 4 loaves at a time. That is a lot of wheat to grind. I was able to do it without my arm giving out. It gave me a nice fine flour that worked well for my breads, cookies, rolls, pizza dough, or whatever else I used flour for. I know that Ginny has one and uses it. I hope she will leave a comment and tell about her experience. She has used hers a lot more than I have used mine. Now, when I grind wheat, I use my electric mill.

There are many attachments you can purchase for your Family Grain Mill. Here is a picture of the mill with a hand cranked base and the attachments you can purchase.

Here it is on the motor base with the attachments.

Here is a picture of the mill with the hand cranked base that you clamp on the edge of a counter or table.

Here it is on the motorized base.

This is a flaker mill attachment. I love a flaker mill. I buy my oats as groats rather than already rolled out. I roll them out as I need them. You can also roll other grains. Some harder grains crack instead of roll. We run wheat through a flaker mill to crack it. We then cook it with milk and make a delicious Bear Mush that we eat at breakfast. It lets you store grains whole instead of flaked or rolled, for greatly improved storage life. Large 5-cup feed hopper.

This is the food processor attachment. It comes with 3 different cutter drums to process vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts, etc.

This is the meat grinder attachment. It minces meat, vegetables, fruit, etc.

Right now if you buy a Family Grain Mill with the motor base, you receive a hand cranked base free. I can honestly say that I would highly recommend this mill to anyone. It is easy enough to turn the hand crank that even a child could help.

Come on down and check out the General Store. The holidays are coming up and that is a great time to add a piece of equipment to help with food prep or to give as a gift to someone.


Unknown said...

Hey, I love the Family Grain Mill. I posted about it on my blog.

Theresa said...

I was recently given the hand one and flocker. It has no instructions, though it is partially obvious. Do these come with handbooks/guides or ? I was wondering if there was anything specific I should know or avoid.

I loved all your fall pictures and seeing everywhere around you. So beautiful!