Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just sharing some pictures.

We got snow this past week. It would snow about an inch and then quit. Then it would snow over night and there would be about an inch on the cars. When we were leaving on Friday, we had a pretty landscape all capped in white frosting.

I took this picture in Kentucky on the way to my Aunt's funeral. It was so much prettier than this showed, but I thought it turned out pretty good for taking it inside a moving car.

On our way home, I saw something way off in the sky. We were about 35 miles south of Columbus. I asked Michael if he thought it might be a blimp. It was so far away, you couldn't tell. He thought it might be the blimp as there had been an Ohio State game that day and there was a blimp docking place in Southern Ohio. As we got closer, I thought it looked more like a hot air balloon. However, it was in the 20's and I did not think they could go up in that cold of a temperature. Well, as we got closer (we never did get close - I had to use the zoom) we saw that it WAS a hot air balloon. They had to be freezing up there. We have had unseasonably cold temperatures. This morning when we woke up it was 11 degrees.

I actually took this picture on Tuesday of last week. Brittany and I were up in Holmes County. It is snowing in this picture all though it is hard to tell. They had their laundry hanging out dancing like wild men in the stiff wind and snow.

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