Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blooms, Garlic & Plantin'

I have talked on here before about briars. They are called multi flora roses around here. They grow up everywhere and they are hard to get rid of. They are very similar to berry bushes. They catch a hold of your clothing and hold on. They are in bloom right now. They smell really good and are beautiful to look at. Think of all the things in life that are beautiful to look at and smell oh so good, yet underneath they are just waiting for you to come close enough to snag. Then they hang on to you for dear life. You usually end up tearing skin or clothes to get loose. A lot of sin is just like these bushes and that is how we get drawn in. They sure look good, but...

I was going to say that I am impatient gardener, but then I realized my friend, Ginny takes that title. =) I will let her explain that if she wishes. When it comes to tomatoes, I hardly wait for the first ripe one. Oh, I LONG for that first bite of fresh from the garden tomato. So, every year, I buy what I call a "cheater" tomato plant. It is one that someone started much earlier than most. When I buy it there are usually already blooms on it and the plant is quite tall. Here is that first tomato I am watching.... Oh, I can hardly wait!!

We still don't have all of our garden in. We planted corn, beets and beans this weekend. We also got some more tomato plants in the ground. I am hoping to get some done in the morning hours this week. This is the only part of our garden that we tilled. Once the plants start coming up, we want to heavily mulch around them as well.

Our garlic plants are doing well. The ends of some of the leaves are turning yellow. It is still a bit early for that. The scapes have just started showing up. You can see them in the next two pictures below.

We cut these off. If you leave them grow, they form a sort of seed pod. The plant puts a lot of effort into forming them and not as much effort in the bulb at the root end. These have a great garlic flavor. We stir fry them in with meat and other veggies. I know that Herrick Kimball, The Deliberate Agrarian, makes pickled garlic scapes. If you have never checked out his blog do so. He also wrote a book by the title of The Deliberate Agrarian. I highly recommend it.


TnFullQuiver said...

We too have the beautiful wild roses...well, that is what I have always called them until you enlightened me. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Does real garden garlic taste better than grocery store garlic? Is it worth the effort?
grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

I am NOT impatient!!! By the way, why is my Berkey not here, yet? And what is taking the squash seeds so long to come up???

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
It is really amazing how something so beautiful can be quite harmful!
But those briar's are very pretty!
We enjoyed the stroll through your garden.

~Have a great week!

Kelly said...

Look at that soil! Oh man, oh man!

Barb J. said...

I enjoy reading the Deliberate Agrarian, also. We are trying two or three new vegetables/fruits per year. This year it was watermelon, strawberries, and eggplant. Next year: potatoes and garlic! I can't wait to see how your garlic does.

Unknown said...

Your thorns have lovely blooms and your soil looks really rich for growing all those good things.
Take care, Lisa