Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We are having a cool spell!

We are having a cool spell and I don't mean Mr. Cool below. That is Joshua dressed up for a wedding we went to this last weekend.

No, I mean cooler temperatures. They feel very good actually. It is currently about 68 degrees. The low tonight is supposed to be 51 and tomorrow night is supposed to be 49. That is very unusual for this time of year. I had to put on some long sleeves this evening. I got the front of my dress all wet filling chick waterers and the wind that is blowing really gave me the chills.

Here are the garlic scapes I have picked off so far. There are more coming that I will get this week. You can cut these up and saute them or do like The Deliberate Agrarian and pickle them.

The peaches are looking great so far. We have never gotten wonderful peaches off of this tree. In fact if they don't do good this year, Michael wants to cut it down.

The daisys are out. I love daisys and black eyed susans.

This is over by an old potato planter that was left on the property. The flower you see growing is yarrow.

Here is my garden so far. We are trying the Ruth Stout method of gardening. I will let you know what we think of it after things get going well.

The beans are coming up, but they are very sparse. This area of the garden does not have the mulch down yet.

Here are three rows of corn with lots of little weeds.

This cat is supposed to be in our many barns ridding them of vermin. Most of the time, this is exactly where I find him... On the front porch amid the flowers. I fussed at him and told him to go catch a mouse...

He just stretched out farther and layed there. Wretched creature!!


Unknown said...

Well, you were right. The coolness was in your blog from beginning to end: Josh to Gino. What a handsome cat!!!

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
It actually cooled down some here this evening too. It felt oh SO good! (:
That is *cute* about your cat lying around the flowers instead of doing his "job"!
~Have a great Wednesday!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Yesterday was our first warm day here....finally about 80 degrees. Our crops really need some heat!

The Stricklands said...

I think your cat is just too cute to do something yucky like catch a mouse. I love the picture of Joshua - soon it will be his wedding! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Its cooler down here too-and feels nice. All your things looks so nice-love the flowers and kitty!

Perri said...

Marci - all of the things growing on your farm look wonderful. The peaches look like they are going to turn out this year, so I bet we will be seeing some cobbler pictures :)

Sharri said...

I see you had 2 "cool cats" in your post! LOL

Alas, the cool temps are gone for us....back into the mid to upper 80's sigh