Sunday, June 29, 2008

His Sheep Am I

A week ago, we went to my brother's church because they were going to pray for him. The pastor talked about sheep and he said that when we are called sheep in the Bible, that it is not a compliment. He talked about how dumb sheep are and that they don't have any natural defense. Some animals have ferocious growls and teeth or claws, some have a shell to hide in like a turtle. He talked about how the Mama skunk teaches her babies. Something tried to get them all. She told them all to turn around, bow their heads and then she said, "Let us spray". =) I guess sheep don't have those types of defense, but if you have ever tried to corner one in a shed, watch out. I have been tackled by a sheep. However, it is true that sheep know their shepherd if the shepherd spends lots of time with them. My matriarch sheep, Sunshine knows me. She will come to my husband too, but she knows me. I can get her to move from pasture to pasture by simply leading her (having a can of grain helps). She trusts me. The other sheep trust her. She knows my voice. I think of God and His Son, Jesus. We are to follow them as sheep do a shepherd. Do I hear an audible voice saying, "Yes, buy that vehicle!" No, I don't, but I do hear my Shepherd when I listen. It is that still small inner voice that tells you what you need to do, or suggests another path to follow, or brings to your mind a verse that helps at that moment. If I hear Him and still do not obey, what does that mean? The bottom line is that I don't trust Him. He has given us all sorts of directions in His Word. What my role as a wife should be... How I should treat an enemy... To obey the laws of the land until they cross His law... Let's go back to that first one, my role as a wife. I need to trust God to work through my husband. Many times I feel like unless I speak up we are in trouble. My husband asks me what I think on most things. He does not always do what I think. I need to trust God to work through Him. If I fuss at him, or cop an attitude or get angry, then I am not trusting. My Shepherd has told me that I need to do this. Do I trust? How have you heard the voice of the Lord?

Here are some pictures of my sheep. They are wet in these pictures. They were out in the rain eating.

This is Pepper. See how her colors have changed?

This is either Lindsey or Woolsey.

This is Knit or Purl by the twin of the one above. Remember how black they were at birth? Look how chubby she is? Most of that is just wool.

I also took a picture of the cows, so I thought I would post it too.

Someone asked me in the last post if I spin the wool. I do, but have not done it for awhile. I need to get back into it. One of my favorite books starts out with a picture of a Grandma holding her first grandchild. The books says, "On the day I was born, my Grandma wrapped me in a blanket made from the wool of her very own sheep." I want to be able to do that. I need to get the yarn made, so I can start working on a blanket. Joshua is getting married this fall and it takes me awhile to get something done. I want it all ready and waiting for whenever that first one comes along.

An update on my brother... He is home and has a defibrillator / pacemaker installed. He has a whole new way of living to learn. He has to make changes to what he eats and what he does. There are all sorts of restrictions about magnetic fields. He can't use the cell phone on the same side of his pacemaker. He can' t go through regular airport security. He can't weld or work on a running engine. He can't hang out with the greeter at Wal-mart because of the metal detectors at the door. Thank you all for praying.


Perri said...

Marci, glad your brother is home and doing better. Very interesting post.

Peggy said...

wonderful post! prayers continuing for your brother

Teresa said...


I'm so glad to hear that Doug is getting a possible second chance and that the procedure went well. It's very similar to our walks with Christ, eh? To learn to live a healthy Christian life we have to give up previous habits, stay away from things that we know will effect our hearts, and retrain ourselves to choose those things that are good for us, even though our old body screams, "But I miss that!" I will keep Doug in my prayers.

And great sermon about the sheep! If one doesn't have experience with sheep, they probably don't think of them as being "dumb". After all, Mary's little lamb followed her around like a dog, right? It really helped to hear you describe sheep in that way.

Much love to you,

stacy said...

i enjoyed your thoughts on sheep. and i have enjoyed getting to know your farm through your blog.

blessings! stacy