Friday, June 06, 2008

What is This Bug?

I was sitting here at the computer minding my own business. Ginny and I were chatting on the phone. A bug hopped over my left shoulder and landed on a tablet in front of me. I heard a little click noise when it jumped. It did not fly, but jumped sort of like a grasshopper and it went a good ways. It is about the size of a lady bug. You can see the lines on the tablet it landed on. That is college ruled paper. Any idea what it is?


Anonymous said...

eww, I don't know , but boy is it gross:-P
:-) Karen

The Stricklands said...

It looks like a relative of the gummy worms my sweeties love to eat. I think it may be a nymph of some type of familiar bug you have in Ohio. Good luck!

Corbyn said...

The picture of your "visitor" caught my eye, so I looked it up in our field guide and found this.

Clavate Tortoise Beetle
Habitat: Fields and wastelands.
Range: Widespread from New England to South Carolina.
Food: Feeds on plant in the Morning Glory family.
Life Cycle: Eggs are layed on plant leaves, the larva then eat the leaves, turning into adults which overwinter and are active from May-September.

This beetle has the ability to pull in it's antennae when it feels threatened

Seeing as my family and I live on a farm in Saskatchewan, we don't see these around.

We farm a bit like you do: Live'n'Learn Farm.


Elizabeth said...

I agree, that is just plain nasty-looking. :-/ I think I would have screamed...

D said...

wHAT a Bug! It does look like a cross between a tortoise and a tad pole!
Thanks corb klass. who would have known?