Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It is REALLY Warm Outside!!

The weather this time of year can be pretty tricky. We had all that snow and today it is 63 degrees. By Saturday they say we will have a high of 30 and a low of 16. Here is what is left of my snowmen!!

I made some Christmas bears for my Mom awhile ago. My Dad gave them back to me. This year, they are on the couch. The puppy chews on things when you are not looking. The second one is normally on the floor leaning up like it is trying to get on the couch. This year it is on the couch trying to climb the back of the couch. =)

Whenever I get a camera out, Dixie comes to investigate. Here she is looking up at me while Star watches.

Most of the time when they are inside this is how they can be found. Sleeping by the fire!!!

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Unknown said...

Ron and I both laughed so hard at that picture of Dixie!