Thursday, December 06, 2007

How well do YOU know geography?

I thought I was pretty good with geography. This little almost 2 year old put me to shame!!! Don't forget to turn off the music in the side bar.


Annie said...

She is Amazing! My almost three year old Grandson is still learning colors and numbers, hats off to her parents for being such good teachers!

Anonymous said...


Tina Leigh said...

I couldnt get it to work but GOODNIGHT yall got a pile of snow!! It has been getting to a high of about 70 degrees here. I wish it would get cold & stay that way!

Mary said...

What an amazing child! My grandson is very good with geography, but I doubt he could find all of those and he is 12. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Please drop over to my blog and pick up a copy of the awards I've posted.


Sharri said...

WOW! Beauty and Brains!
She is soooo cute! I loved hearing her say the names of the countries! :0)