Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Storm

The forecast called for a winter storm. It was going to hit around noon on Saturday. We had several things we were supposed to do Saturday. We were going to take some animals to the auction, we were going to pick up our table top that was refinished and we were going to deliver something for someone. To go and take animals to the auction and get the table top were in the same general direction. THe delivery was in the opposite direction. The only problem with the animal part is we are still praying for a truck and our son was working so we had no way to pull our trailer. We decided to skip taking the animals this weekend and get up early and go get our table top. We headed up north got the table top and hit a couple of stores that we like in that area. Then we headed home. We got about 12 miles from home and stopped in a little local grocery store to get something. We were in there a very short time. When we came out it looked like a blizzard. =) We headed for home and about 6 miles down the road, the snow quit. =( We were hoping for BIG snow!! After unloading the table top we decided to go ahead and make our delivery to the city south of us in case the snow would start again. We got about six miles from home and were in blizzard type conditions again and there was already snow on the roads and fields. The driving was not wonderful. This is our second winter storm of the year, both being expected and they did nothing with the roads. By the time we got back home there was about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Then we started hearing it hit the house. You do not hear snow hit the house. It was turning into freezing rain and then just plain rain. When I got up this morning, the ground was snowless. =( Then about 30 mins. later, I looked out and it was snowing. Here is what it looks like right now.


Tina Leigh said...

Well at least it is cold there. It has been in the 80's this past week. The grass in the fields had died & now it is green again. It is suppose to drop to the 20's tonight.....we'll see!

Sharri said...

You did better than we did! They were calling for snow, then sleet, then rain.
We got rain only. :0(

Yours looks pretty!

The Sisters said...

The snow looks nice! It has FINALLY started to feel like winter here...last night it was in the low 30s and just last week it was in the low 80s!... We are thankful for the winter weather!
Now we just need some Snow! lol
We enjoyed the pictures!