Friday, December 07, 2007

Early Birthday Blessings!!!

The house was chilled with the weather so cold.
My feet felt like ice and it was getting old.
So away to the rocker by the fire I went to sit
To warm my feet and sit and knit.

The dogs started barking as if someone was here.
Yet I heard no sound of anyone drawing near.
Then I heard a dog bark from outside the door.
I got up at once to cross that cold floor.

And what did I see when I peered out the door?
The Wonderful children, can you count them all four?
They were out in my yard doing something for me.
They built me some snowmen, can you see all three?

They know I love snowmen and so to be kind.
They came to build them in this yard of mine.
Now, when I look out the door of my house,
I see three snowmen a snow dog and a mouse.

Thank you Wonderful neighbor children for coming over and building me snowmen. They built one for me, Michael and Joshua. Then they did a snow dog and a mouse. I sent them home with some Hershey kisses!!! Things like this thrill my heart. My birthday is very soon. I will take this as an early birthday gift!!!

Here is the snow dog. They told me it was Dixie!!! =) See its ears?


Shannah said...

I like the snow dog. It is cute!!!!


Unknown said...

What cute little snow sculptures! And the poem... Magnifico!!!

Sharri said...

How precious! They looked like they were having such fun! Did you go out w/them!?

The little snow dog is just the BEST! What a great present.

Also loved the darling poem! :0)

The Sisters said...

That was a great Poem! All of the Snow looks so nice! Hopefully we will get some snow before the winter is out..although it is suppost to be 70 degrees here Sunday!! ): Well anyway, We hope you are enjoying the snow!
~ Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how precious! What sweet neighbors! And Happy Birthday dear one!


LadySnow said...

I love it!

Patti said...

How Cute!!!

Annie said...

Children give us the purest and most important gifts!
How sweet of them to think about you and give you such a good gift!
Happy Birthday!!!