Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas morning is not what it used to be like. For one thing, we are very low keyed about it now and don't do near as many gifts as we used to. For another thing, with only one older son, we sleep in. =) Here is Joshua on Christmas morning opening his gifts. Yes, it is Ohio in the winter, and yes it is cold. He is sitting directly in front of our woodstove.

On Christmas Eve we went ot Michael's parents house. We only got to see part of the family though. Here is Ella helping Uncle Steve put his tie on.
Uncle Jim was doing his fair share in keeping the wee one happy.
We had to take this one quick before he turned away. We totally missed getting pictures of his brother and sister.
Here is big cousin holding little cousin. It just amazes me at how fast these children grow up.
Here is Dad and Daughter. Jim always has an unusual T-shirt on.
Here is one of the young ladies all dressed up for church.
Here is the baby who stayed home with the rest of us.
Here is the other young lady all ready for church. This one kept jumping on Michael and I and she even tackled her sister. I kept trying to tell her that she was dressed like a lady and she needed to be sweet and refined. =)
Here are the 3 sisters together!!
Christmas evening, we went over to my brother Scott's house. They live maybe 20 mins. from us and we never see each other. Lives are too busy these days. Here we are watching a video of Big Matt & Carli's wedding. There is Anne, Brett, Scott and Kati better known as Tater Bug.
I was so glad that Carli was there. Here she is with her brother Scott.
Here is little Matt flashing Aunt Marci a smile.
Here is Big Matt watching himself get hitched in the video.


Unknown said...

Nice pictures and a lot of red hair. ;-)

LadySnow said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Kelli said...

It looks like you had a wonderful and fun filled Christmas, Marci!

Heatherdmc said...

Nothing better than spending time with family. I love that dress! It looks like it exploded all over the chair!

The Sisters said...

It Looks like you had a very nice Christmas! We enjoyed all of the pics.
~Have a great weekend~


Patty said...

looks like you had a wonderful christmas day.