Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today's Happenings...

Our fellowship met this morning for worship. After the worship time we had a meal together. The family whose house we were at makes really pretty food. They put a lot of time and effort into it. They made these sandwiches called stacks. Each sandwich was made with 3 slices of bread and about 4 types of meat and a slice of cheese. They were cut in half diagonally and a toothpick was inserted into each half to keep them together. They had 2 pretty glass platters with toppings for them like pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce. They made little paper flags to go on a toothpick to tell the type of bread that was in each container. It looked festive. =) We all bring food to share. I brought my crock pot tacos.

After the meal, the men were going to have a meeting. The women went down to be life guards as the children swam in one of the ponds. Here are some pictures of the swimmers. The puppy couldn't resist being down by the water where her "girl" was. She is very attached to her owner, who is one of the daughters of the family where we met today.

This next part still cracks me up. I am NOT a girlie girl. I have never been one. I used to be more of a tomboy, but now, I am just a plain old frump. =) I have had several people in my life try to "help" me to look better. One of them reads and comments on my blog often, but I will not name her.... yet. =) Anyway, while we were eating lunch today my friend who you see below blurted out that my bangs were driving her nuts and she was going to cut them. =) She said this one piece on one end bothered her all through church and she prayed that I would put my hand up and move it. I am giggling just remembering. I told her that my bangs were cut by me. They were pretty long, but I do a poor job of cutting them and it takes a couple of weeks after I cut them for them to look half way right. So, when we went to go down by the water, she ran and got her scissors and comb and fixed my bangs for me. She was finally able to relax. =) By the way, she told me to take her picture and put her on my blog!!!!


LadySnow said...

Sounds like you had a blessed day. That is too funny about your friend cutting your hair because it drove her crazy. :)

rachel said...

My sister was just giving me some hints today... Do something about that wart that just popped up under my eye. Take better care of your feet. A couple more I don't want to post. Aaagh!!!!!