Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today and George Update

Church was at our house today. We were waiting on one family to arrive, so the children started picking out their favorite books from my bookcase. Here they are enjoying one of the favorites. =)

It had rained through the night. We are so grateful for the rain. We need lots of rain to make our hay grow. There is already a shortage of hay in our area. On our first cutting, the man does it on shares. We have him make the big round bales. Those are for our cows. We usually get arounbd 40 bales of hay if he does it on shares. This year we got 21. That is not enough for our cows through the whole winter. We were praying for a good second cutting of hay. We normally have those done in square bales. We get around 200 bales or so. Well, this year we finished the second cutting yesterday. We got 25 bales of hay. =( Now, we are praying for good rains and hope to get a third cutting. It was a good rain during church.

Well, George did not get into his chrysalis before I went to bed. I woke up this morning and that rascal had done his knitting at night while I slept. Here is a picture of it hanging from the lid of the jar.

While the girls were outside today, they found a new baby George that they brought in to me. He is much smaller than he looks here. He is really tiny compared to the size of the first George they brought me.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Will pray that you get the rains you need to get a third cutting of hay!

Anonymous said...

25 square bales!!! OOPH! That's nothing... Well, I will certainly be praying. Georgette's little homemade boudoir is simply lovely and she picked a beautiful color. ;-)