Saturday, August 25, 2007

Showers Of Blessings

Today we went for a long drive. Friends of ours over at Yoder Farm are going to help us get the milk machine we have going. Their oldest son is a whiz at anything mechanical. So, we loaded up all the pieces and parts and headed that way. The pictures below were taken from the car on the way home. I loved this first one. It does not look as much like it here as it did in real life, but all the cows in this field were standing in a line like they were waiting for a ticket or something.

These next 2 pictures are of a swamp that we drive by. It goes up through the middle of the whole county. When they get lots of rain many of the roads in this area are flooded.

These last 2 pictures are the only ones that turned out. I took many more. The clouds were really piling up and getting angry looking.

We were not home long when we got a phone call that a tornado had touched down about 6 miles from our house and was headed our way. Most people find a basement to go to. I got my camera all ready for video. My son and his friend were outside working on his boat and my husband jumped in the car and went up on the hill in the pasture to see if he could see anything coming. =) We did not get a tornado, but we did get more rain for which we are very thankful. We need a good third cutting of hay or we might have to sell animals.


Patty said...

You sound like me, get the camera ready : ) Glad you didn't get the tornado, they are so frightening when they do come close. Makes you forget about taking pictures.
Did you get the milkers going ?
Loved the pictures Marci, captures the power of nature in that cloud picture.

Sharri said...

Hope you enjoyed your nice ride! Looks like you did with all of those photo ops. :0)

This statement:
Most people find a basement to go to. I got my camera all ready for video.
Sounds just like me! Hee hee!

Glad you didn't get the tornado though!

Sharon said...

Glad you didn't get the tornado.

I like the picture of the cows. :-) One time when we were out driving around the countryside, I spotted a cow sitting down on his behind and his front legs just hanging down in front. I laughed until I cried! I didn't have my camera (what a shame!), but I couldn't believe the cow was just sitting there like a human. ;-)