Thursday, August 16, 2007

Around The Farm

I am sure that many of you have heard the old saying... "Bloom where you are planted." There is a spiritual depth to that as well. I talked in my last post about being alone. Honestly, I am alone most of the time. I hear people talk about all they have to do for their large family. I could let myself go and be really envious of those God has blessed with many children. I think about in the future when they all come home with their family for holidays and get togethers. I am one of 5 and my husband is one of 7. If I go down that path, I am not a happy person. It is not a path that God chose for me. I need to bloom where I am planted. I can see the good in what God has blessed me with. There are a lot of blessings if I look around. We need to bloom where God planted us. For me that is as an almost empty nester at this point. I am blessed that my Wonderful Neighbor family have 4 children that we get to do things with. They are like our Grandchildren. Then we have friends with 10 children that live about a mile as the crow flies. We get to see them some and we are able to do things with their children. I am SO grateful for that. If I go out and walk around outside, I can hear and see the neighbor children. If I need help they are usually available and come right over to help me. The last 2 mornings they have been on Cow Patrol and helped (read did most of the work) me put calves back in. I am SO grateful for that.

I was out walking in the yard for a bit. I saw this little Black Eyed Susan blooming in the midst of a dry and dead flower bed. It is praising the Lord even though it is in drought conditions and all alone. I need to imitate that in my life.

Autumm is on the way. How do I know you ask... Well, the spiders are coming in the house... YUCK!! Every fall we get a whole bunch of wolf spiders that try to move in for the winter. I keep fly swatters handy!! Also, as you see in the picture below the golden rod is blooming as is the ragweed... AAAAAAchhOOOOOO!! I have seen the purple iron weed blooming as well. All of those speak of crisp Autumn days to come.

The puppy is growing up. She really pesters the 2 big dogs. Here she is trying to shove the ball into Belle's mouth. =) The next picture is of Dixie and Star.

Why is it when a critter knows that you don't like it that it follows you around. I am not a cat lover in any way. I ignore them. This is Gino. He follows me around outside wherever I go. I was going to try and get a picture of all the Sweet Annie growing in the yard, and he plops right down.

Here are some pictures of my newest lambs. OOOOooohhhh, they have gorgeous fleeces. I wish they would come to me. I need to get out there and bribe them with grain.


Kelli said...

Your Black eyes Susans are beautiful, Marci! So summery.
Your little puppy isn't so little anymore! It looks like she is fitting right in with your other dogs.
Are you going to spin the sheep wool into yarn?

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, darling. The wool does look nice. :-D By the bye, I made three meatloaves this morning and froze two. I had the other one in the oven when Beloved came home. He enjoyed it. ;-D

threecollie said...

Lovely lambs!