Friday, June 02, 2006

The Splendor of Clouds

For some reason, the blog is not allowing me to post pictures today. I have some good ones to share. I will add them if it will let me at a later time.

The way our property sits leaves a wide open space to watch storm fronts come in. Sometimes they are very dramatic. At other times there are great contrasts in colors and light. Each one is unique. We have been having storms come rolling through. The pictures I want to share are of some fronts coming. One of them was taken awhile ago, but is still an awesome display of God's handiwork.

The rain that these fronts has brought is a good soaking rain. Not so hard that it beats your plants down, but a good steady lasting rain. I had to run to town today to do some errands. Just getting out of my car, gathering my bags and going from my car into my house, I was soaked. It will give our plants in the garden a good down deep drink. I just hope the weeds that are hiding, don't get any.


Lawauna said...

Found your blog through the homesteadheaven list.

The pictures of the dog with the chicks are so cute!!! TN said...

HI Marci, I love the cloud pictures. We have had some good rain today also. I am so thankful. Yesterday afternoon, I chopped every weed out of my garden. My vegatables said, "Thank You, Thank You".
I haven't been able to post a picture today either. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Hopeful Agrarian said...

Those are awesome cloud pictures. I will show them to my 14 yo boy tomorrow morning. He fancies both meteorology and photography. If we get a good price selling our home I want to buy a good camera for him. It is cool see the beauty of God's creation captured on film. These picture remind me of Romans 1:19-20.

Tina Leigh said...

WOW! I am jealous! How beautiful...I love the outside & nature. It is always changing & it reminds me that God is in control! Too often I have to be remined of that because I see so many people with their lives in a mess (sometimes my own) that God is moving like that front of clouds!