Saturday, June 17, 2006

Clothesline Weather

It is a very warm day here in Ohio. I am hoping my peppers will start growing. They do not like the cooler days that we’ve had. They don’t seem to be growing. We have watered twice, and now we are supposed to have some really warm days, so I am hoping they will shoot up.

There is a pleasant breeze as well. We don’t have air conditioning, and the breeze is helping our house to stay cool. The cement floors help as well, although I will be glad when we can cover them.

It was too perfect of a day to not hang out clothes. I washed sheets and towels. They dried in short order. Then I hung up all the hand towels, dish towels, napkins, etc. They are all snapping in the breeze, getting tangled in each other. They will smell so fresh and sunshiney when we bring them in.

When it cools down here in a bit, we will be back out in our garden trying to stay on top of the weeds.

3 comments: TN said...

I hung my clothes out today also Marci. I love the feel of towels after drying them outside. It reminds me of a loofa sponge.

Patty said...

I love my clothes line, except in the very cold weather or when it has rained for a week !

Reviekat said...

I love your clothesline! There is just something so charming and friendly about a clothesline. :)