Monday, June 05, 2006

Alone does not always mean lonely

I sit here today in the quiet. I love quiet, but I also love the sound of other people around me. Both, Michael and Joshua are at work. I hear the birds singing outside. I hear the wind blowing through the leaves on the tree. I occasionally hear a hen letting me know she has laid her egg for the day. I hear a baby lamb bleat for its mom or just in sheer joy as it runs and jumps with the other lambs. I can't see the road from the house in the summer, but I hear a car go by every once in awhile.

I think of all the people who are alone. Many of them so lonely. Waiting for someone to call or drop by. I think of the people who have lost their spouse. They are surrounded by reminders and each day brings back floods of memories. There are young people out there who did not make wise choices. They are away from family, many of them too ashamed to go home. They feel all alone.

I am alone, but I know that my men will be home today, Lord willing. I have lots to do to keep me busy. However, I need to make time to reach out to others who are alone. Remember to call them, or drop them a note. Our vehicle situation right now, does not allow for too many visits, but I can still reach out. If we each would reach out to a handful, then there would be a lot less lonely people.

We tried to adopt a sibling group of 6. We have the room, we live on a farm with lots of fund things to do. The people in charge did not like it that we homeschooled. Those children are in a foster home and have been for almost 3 years. The foster mother is 60 now and has been ready for them to go for awhile. Even when childrens' services visited our house, they admitted the foster Mom was in over her head. We have never officially heard that we are NOT getting them, but we have not been contacted for quite awhile. It is sad that we would have given them a permanent home with love, family and a farm full of things to do, but our choices kept them from coming here. I often wish they were here. I love to hear the chatter of children, to color, to play games. I pray that these children find a home full of love. Even though there are 6 of them, they are still lonely for a real family.

God has really shown me that I am to be about relationships. With all that happened to us last year, that is one of the major lessons we learned. First our relationship to the Lord must by a deep and abiding one. Then our relationships to those around us are next in importance. I pray that He finds me faithful. I guess I really rambled today. That is how my thoughts have been going.

Pictures: If you look close at the first one, there is a gold finch that blends in with sunflowers he is standing on. They would stand there and eat the seeds out of the sunflowers.
The second one is our red hot poker plant.


Tina Leigh said...

I love your thinkin! Wasn't Jesus all about relationships!! My spiritual parents have told me for years "You have to be intentional with people." Jesus was and is. Farm Girl, I reckon your heart is as big as your farm!!

Christine said...

Our Lord knows your desires, and He'll take care of them! You have a heart of gold.

Thank you for your post on loneliness- it is all about attitude and perspective. There are times at work, in the middle of the city, in a big office building, with all sorts of people around me, and I have pangs of loneliness! It doesn't take me long to put it all into the right perspective, and I call a friend to say Hi!

JFC said...

Denied adoption because you homeschool. How sad. How blinded those authorities.

We have a family in our church that had 1, and then adopted 5 (4 were blood siblings). God granted them favor in the eyes of the authorities.

May God bless you richly, and, if he would be pleased to do so, open the eyes of those who make the decisions.