Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Goats are fun to watch

I love my goats. They know me and come to me and let me love on them all I want to. The darker one you see in the picture is Honeysuckle or Suckle for short. She was the daughter of my herd matriarch and looks exactly like her. She even has her old lady trot. The other goat is her daughter, Magnolia or Maggie for short. They see me coming with the milk bucket and start nickering at me. Right now, I am only milking Honeysuckle. They are eating really well and seem to be in great shape. We have used the goat milk for ourselves, but we also have 2 jersey cows. We use the goat milk to feed other animals. We feed babies (goats, lamb or calf) and we feed it to our pigs. I also make goat milk soap with it. To get a milking animal really ties you to the farm. You have to be here twice a day, but it is well worth it to us. Some people sometimes get upset with us, because they want us to do something and we have to do our chores first, or leave early to get home and do them. It is the life we chose and we would choose it again.

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Patty said...

awww they are so cute. Sometimes I really miss having goats.