Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Look beyond the obvious

My eyes seem to have a way of looking beyond an object and seeing something else in it. The above picture is of a moth that was outside my front door. It looked just like a pair of lips to me. My husband usually smiles and looks at me so sweetly, when I "see something", but many times then he can see it too!! He also smiles at my descriptions of things. We have a certain type of bright white moths here. They appear to have a white fur collar around them. On the same day, I told him about the moth that looked like lips, I also told him I had found 2 white moths with a fur collars in the house. He thought I was teasing, and wouldn't "take my bait". So, I caught one and saved it in a jar for him. =)

Our ceiling on the first floor is 2" X 8" pine planks. The ceiling down here is the floor upstairs. There is no insulation or any other layer. They built it that way, so that the heat from the wood stove could rise through the cracks in the ceiling to the bedrooms above. Wood heat is our only source of heat. Anyway, there all sorts of interesting knot holes. I will take some pictures of them and see if you can see beyond them as well.


Genuine Lustre said...

Hi Farm Girl - in reply to your comment on my blog . . .. of course I know where Utica is -home of Velvet Ice Cream! I'll be there next week to drop my son off at Camp Ohio. I'm in Galion.
I found your blog via Morning Ramble. : )

Marci said...

We have nephews living in Galion!!! =)