Sunday, May 28, 2006


Here is a picture of the little calves we picked up yesterday. We call them Hooties. My son saw a Gomer Pyle show one time. They were out in the woods on some maneuver. He was supposed to give an owl sound as a signal. He would call out "Hootie Hoo" with his southern twang. Well, many years ago with our first calves, my son would always say that when he went out to feed them. After awhile, all he would have to say is "hootie hoo" and they would come running from wherever they were. We even had them in a friend's pasture. It was a huge pasture on a steep hill. We would go down to feed them their milk and he would walk in the gate with no calves in sight. He would yell his familiar "hootie hoo" and they would come galloping from where ever. So, we call them hooties. I know we are WEIRD!! =)


Patty said...

nice looking calves Marci.

Tina Leigh said...

Too cute! Reminds me of when I was child, my next door neighbor was like a second daddy to me. He has had cows all his life. He would have this funny high pitched yelp he would make to them & they would come a running!Thanks for reminding me of my Daddy Duke!

Genuine Lustre said...

Oh, you *must* name them Hootie & Hoo!

We have a jersey bull calf at our place right now -- his name is Jack. There is nothing cuter.