Sunday, May 21, 2006

God's Merciful Grace

Well, God was at work at our house on Friday. We are home fellowshipping with 2 other families. They both have a Rachel. We call them "big Rachel" (she just turned 17) and "little Rachael" (she is 12). They both play the fiddle and had a recital that evening. We were invited to go. Normally we would have jumped at the chance, but neither of us put much effort into going. It is hard for us to go to something that early this time of year. Michael has to move the chicken pens while it is still light, so that they walk with him. Anyway, we did not go. Our Joshua went to hear them and then was going to practice with the ones he plays bluegrass with, as they had an engagement Saturday night.

We had just sat down to eat (Michael and I) and we heard a little noise up in Joshua's room. We did not pay that much attention to it. Then we heard a louder POP. Michael went up to check and ran to the stairs and told me that Joshua's dresser was in flames. We went into action. Michael threw the drawers that were flaming out the window. Joshua's LOADED ( I don't like them loaded, but am overruled) 45 was in the drawer that had the most flames and it went out the window. We had to take the dresser outside as it is smoldering. Joshua came home to help. He lost just a few things, but he did lose his new gun. It is ruined. Our house would have gone up like a matchstick with all the wood there is. PRAISE THE LORD, that we were home, or we would have come home to no house. PRAISE THE LORD, that the bullets didn't fire. They were hollow points. We think it was the light that he has on the gun. It is a halogen and gets very hot. It must have either been left on, or turned on by accident.



Patty said...

this is just such an amazing story of Gods mercy and watch care.
It makes me think of the title of one of my favorite books by Rod and Staff, SAFE IN HIS CARE TN said...

Hi Marci, I like your blog. It looks so neat. Maybe mine will improve with time....