Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dogs, Cats & Birds

Our one cat had kittens several weeks ago. She hid them WELL. We hate it when they do that, as we can't handle them and tame them to humans. Well, she brought them out in the yard today. My son saw them and went to pick one up. They hiss and spit at you and try to claw you. However, he finally got them up in his hands in a way, that they calmed down. Here is one of them. One is all black with blue eyes and the other one is black and white. Our dogs were out there with us. They love babies period. It does not matter what species. It was so fun to watch them gently go up to sniff and then have one of the kittens hiss and spit at them. They would jump back. They finally laid down and decided to watch from a distance.

This is a bad picture of a hummingbird. He was right outside my windwo sitting on the bird feeder hanger we have out there. He let me get really close and did not even leave.


Tina Leigh said...

You know I love Humming Birds!

Marci said...

I do too. I always try to be faithful to put them out May 1st. We have been places where they had bunches of feeders together and bunches of hummingbirds all darting in and out. I put up two and they are not even side by side, and they fight over them and only allow one at a time. =)

Kelli said...

What a pretty kitty!! I had to laugh when I saw him all scrunched up..."get that camera away from me!"

Is it too late for them to get used to humans?

After seeing pictures of your hummingbird and Tina's, I'm going to have to get a feeder too. I have only seen a hummingbird once in my whole life!

P.s I found your blog through a post Patty made on Morning Ramble. :) Tina, I have known for awhile from various online places..she's crazy! haha..just kidding Tina! You know how much I like you. :0)

Reviekat said...

Cute picture of the kitten!

Patty said...

Are you playing with the kittens : )

Marci said...

Pat, ha ha ha. Actually, I am not. We fellowship often with 2 other families. One has 10 children and the other one has 4. The ones with 4 live next door. They are more than happy to handle them for me. =)