Friday, May 26, 2006

Christian Weed

This is pineapple weed. It is in the chamomile family. It grows all up and down my driveway between the house and the barn. When you crush the flower it smells like pineapple. I call it the Christian weed. The more you step on it or drive on it or smash it down, the more it spreads. Also, as you crush it a sweet aroma rises. It is proven the more that Christians are persecuted and crushed the faster Christianity spreads in that area. When they undergo persecution for Christ's sake it is a sweet aroma to the Heavenly Father. I believe that God put all sorts of these items in nature to remind us of what we are to be about. Today, all over the world our brothers and sisters in the Lord are being tortured, persecuted or even Martyred for their faith. You can learn more about it at

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