Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Tid Bits

We love Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans. Here is our green bean arch.

It makes it easy to pick the beans.

We have truly been blessed with weather this summer. I thank the Lord for it. The last 3 summers we experienced drought. Our grass and pastures dried up. This year the weather has only been really hot for a short while, but we have had plenty of rain and we are so grateful. Here is some of the scenery in this area. I took this on the way home from church.

I love sunflowers. I plant all kinds. The birds also plant some for us.

I loved this cloud formation. I did not see the little white cloud at the top until I downloaded the picture. :)

The baby bluebirds are growing. This picture was taken Aug. 5th.

I took this one on August 11th.

I have been slowly updating our web pages. I have added recipes to our Bread Page and our Pickle and Preserving Page. I also updated our Farm Page.

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The K. Family said...

I love your bean arch! Such beautiful pictures!