Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Creation Science up to 50% Off!!

Save Up to 50% and Prepare Your Children to
Defend Creation with Jonathan Park Radio Dramas!

Come Visit the exciting world of Jonathan Park!

For years, the Jonathan Park creation radio drama has been equipping families and homeschoolers to defend the truths of God’s creation against evolution’s lies, using thrilling radio drama stories to make science come alive in Scripture and the world around us. Now, as you prepare to start a new school year, there has never been a better time to begin the Jonathan Park adventure in your home!

Save Up to 50% on Radio Drama Adventures

This week only, save 40% when you purchase any three or more individual Jonathan Park albums. Or, save 50% when you purchase the 7-album Jonathan Park Complete Adventure Collection or the 4-album Jonathan Park Creation Guide Series. That’s as little as $12.50 per album!

Save 40% on Any 3 or More Albums, or Save 50% on Our Collections

Great for Homeschool Science or Family Devotions
The first six Jonathan Park albums come with their own corresponding study guides, which you can download for free at JonathanPark.com (just register as a Jonathan Park Response Team Member — no charge!). These study guides make Jonathan Park a great supplemental resource for a homeschool science class, or as material for your family devotions. They feature expanded insights into each episode’s core lesson, using charts, Bible verses, suggested activities, quizzes, pertinent zoological and geological facts, and more.

Each Jonathan Park episode is based upon real places and facts, featuring action-packed storylines that reveal specific evidences for Scripture’s creation account. Join Jonathan’s family and the Creation Response Team as they recover amazing treasures from Earth’s past, discover biblical answers to scientific issues of the day, and debate evolutionists about the true history of our world.

Sale Ends August 12
Don’t miss this opportunity to inexpensively introduce Jonathan Park to your family, or to complete your current Jonathan Park collection.

This sale is valid online and may not be applied to past orders, and ends at midnight on August 12, 2011 (CDT).

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