Friday, August 19, 2011

I Got To Watch This Time!!!

If you do a search on my blog about butterflies you will find lots of pictures and stories. I name them all George so you can search under that as well. :) If they all have the same name then it is easy to remember. I LOVE to watch caterpillars grow and become butterflies. It is a miracle every time. I have always called the part where they go into their chrysalis as George putting on his pajamas. I never got to see it though. I always thought that Georges were just shy and did it when no one else is around. The Wonderful Neighbors also like to find a George and watch it. (Those poor children have been around me too long. The younger ones call caterpillars, Georges. ) :) They got to see this happen one day this week. Then the next day, I too got to see it happen. It is not so much of George putting on his jammies as it is, George taking off his clothes. :) He shed his skin and what was so fascinating is that all his little legs were part of that skin and then they were gone. Here are some pictures of the event and even a small video at the end to show you part of it. This time George attached himself to a stick I had in the jar instead of the jar lid. I was able to put the stick in a little cup on the counter and get an up close view.

Here is George in the "J" that they always hang in before they shed their skin.

He started moving and as he did the skin moved upward and compacted itself.

I turned him around so that you can see what a naked George looks like.

Then instead of spinning a chrysalis like I thought, he just started to compact himself. All of those accordion folds you see, just kept getting closer and closer together.

It was truly amazing to watch. Then after it was compacted, it is almost like it dried or something into a skin.

This video shows just as he is finally got his skin all the way off. I figured it would fall to the counter top, but it never did.

Another miracle!!! Also a reminder of how God takes us and makes us into a new creation.


TxFarmhouse said...

That is amazing! My granddaughter had some in a jar for school and I got to see them attach to the lid and hang but never got to see them open up. Isn't God awesome?!
By the way, your camera shots are great!

Nancy said...

Wow, Marci. That brought tears to my eyes. What a miracle. Thankyou for sharing it with us.

Sharon said...

We had the opportunity several years ago to watch several Georges we had collected. It is an amazing experience and happens SO FAST!