Thursday, July 07, 2011

This and That

If I can get my camera to work today, I want to take some pictures of the garden. I like to look back from year to year to see how far along things were at different times.

One of our first things we have brought in is our cucumbers. I got more yesterday after I took this picture. I am going to try fermenting some instead of pickling them. I do plan to pickle some though as we love our pickle recipe.

Skye is turning into a really good dog. She is so smart. She is still a puppy and needs training, but she is learning.

Michael and I were our running an errand and saw the following. The word bucolic came to mind. Neither of us were exactly sure what it meant, so I looked it up when we got home. As an adjective it means:

BUCOLIC (adjective)
The adjective BUCOLIC has 2 senses
1. used of idealized country life
2. relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle

Whatever word you use, it is still wonderful to be able to see these types of scenes often.


regina said...

Wonderful pictures! I would love to get a closer look at those hay bales. Someone put in a lot of time and work.
Hope you and Michael are having a good summer.

Marci said...

Regina, those are not haybales. They are schocks of grain. I am thinking it is wheat.

Marci said...

Also, if you click on the picture you can make it bigger.

regina said...

Thank you, Marci.