Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It is amazing what can bring back a memory. I think smell is a powerful way to do this. I can remember opening up a bottle of horse linament and I was immediately back at my Grandpa's house. He used this often on his own sore muscles. I remember after my Mom died when I went into her walk in closet.... I could smell her. Sometimes it is music that brings the memory back. I had never heard of the Song, "I Can Only Imagine" until my Mom's funeral. It took me several years before I could listen to it and not sob. There has been a couple of things recently that really made me think about my Mom. One brought back a memory and the other made me miss her and wonder about our future reunion.

Today, a friend wrote a note about their husband and his gift of music. She was telling how he can play music by ear and knows lots of songs. A group of people went to a nursing home. They were playing requests and one older gentleman requested Suppertime. My friend's husband was the only person there who knew it other than the older man. When I read that, it made me remember the song. My Mom had a Jimmy Davis record that she played a lot. In fact it used to drive us children crazy. One song in particular we made fun of and she played it often. That was Suppertime. I found the following YouTube of Jimmy Davis singing that song. It no longer drives me crazy. In fact, I want to listen and close my eyes and visit the home of my youth once again and picture my Mom in the kitchen singing along with him. (Don't forget to turn the music off in the side bar or down below)

The other incident was a bit different. When I fold laundry (usually a couple of baskets full) I put on a movie. Sometimes it takes me over a month to finish that movie. I turn it on where I left off the last time I folded clothes. I have been watching what is probably my favorite movie, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. This movie touches me in places that sometimes I don't understand. Others I do understand, but they are way too personal to put on here. I have been watching this for a long while and was able to finish it. The scene that touched me this time was when Anne and Katherine Brooks arrive at Green Gables for the summer. Marilla and Rachel Lynd are on the porch talking and Marilla looks up and sees Anne coming up the lane. She gets up and goes running while Rachel fusses at her. Then Anne looks up and sees Marilla coming and she drops her bag and goes running to meet her. They meet up and they are lots of hugs and just looking at each other. Oh, how I would love to see my Mom and run to meet her and hug her and have her hold me once again. Then I thought, maybe that is how it will be when I leave this earth and enter heaven. Maybe she will be standing there waiting on me and we will run to each other and hold on. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

I often think of my Mom waiting for me in heaven too...Oh, how wonderful that will be! She has been gone 13 yrs & I still miss her & need her, even tho I am 67 yrs old. She told me once when I was growing up that you never got to old to need your mother, and I have thought of this so many times since she's been gone. She was right, as she was also right in all that she told me.

Lisa said...

It won't be just your mom running to meet you and hold you again but King Jesus as well. Think of being hugged by the Lord of the Universe!