Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bits And Pieces

This morning I went out and picked some mint. I got a huge bunch of peppermint and there is plenty more to cut. I also cut a little bit of spearmint. It has not spread as much since it was planted this year. The Wonderful Neighbors told us how they make mint tea and it is wonderful. Pick 2 long stems of mint. You can pick your favorite kind or mix and match them. Then cut them into about 4 pieces each. Put all the pieces in your blender and then fill the blender with water. Turn it on and let it mix. Then take a strainer and put over your gallon jar or pitcher and pour the tea into the pitcher straining out the pieces of mint. Put the mint back into the blender and do this again and do it a third time. After you pour the third blender full in the pitcher, skim off the green foam. We made peppermint and liked it unsweetened so we did not add anything, but if you like it sweeter, then add stevia to taste. Over ice it is a wonderful, refreshing and good for you drink.

We also picked our first zucchini and there are 3 more little ones out there. I picked more cucumbers as well.

I have a very dear friend who is a graphic artist. She designed my store logo. I always label my cheese with what kind it is and the date. So, I asked her if she would design me a cheese label and as usual, she did a fantastic job. We give some of our cheese as gifts and these will be an added touch.


regina said...

Thank you Marci. I've been wondering what the best way would be to make tea. I love your labels and I bet the cheese is great also.

Aunt Jenny said...

Your labels are awesome. I love them!

Mrs. B's Cottage said...

Your labels are very pretty! Do you have Jerseys?

I grew up on a farm, and that's what we had.