Thursday, July 07, 2011

What We Saw

I already shared with you about the adventures we had going to pick up our new milk cow. I thought I would share some of what we saw. Michael saw this in the rear view mirror and told me to turn around and look. You can just see her horns and the top of her head in the first one.
Here, she is peeking a bit more.

This isn't really from our trip, but you can see how similar Buttercup and Honey are. Honey is on the left, Buttercup is on the right and Clover is behind Buttercup.

Michael was in the barn trying to catch Honey to bring her up and milk her. Clover was cheering someone on. I am not sure if it was Michael or Honey. She kept hollering out at them. :)

We passed this large wind farm. It was fascinating to see. I couldn't believe how big they were and how many of them there were.

We figured from a rough guess there was probably around 100 of them. Some of them were not up yet. There were just poles waiting on the blades on top. Here is a crane working on putting one up.

When we got home, we looked on the internet to read about this particular farm. There are going to be 98 of them, so we were close in our guess. They had this picture on the article we read. This gives you an idea of how big they are.

We have also read how they are causing trouble in some areas. Up on the New England coast and also in the UK, people are trying to shut down these farms. In the UK, there was a successful case that shut down the whole farm. They put off a vibration and a hum that drives people mad. They are unable to sleep. People have had to move from their land because of the hum.

I am not sure what my final opinion of them really is. I can see the good side of harnessing the wind for energy, but I guess it should be done out in the middle of nowhere. They were fascinating to see though.


regina said...

Marci, where were the wind farms? It looks like the farms around us, only everything is green. We have only had two inches of rain in 10 months so you can imagine how things look here.

Marci said...

The farms were up in northwestern Ohio. They were on US 30 right on the Ohio-Indiana border. They were all north of 30 and quit at the Indiana line.