Wednesday, July 06, 2011

George in His Chrysalis

Well the first George the Caterpillar is now in his Chrysalis. It is amazing at how fast they grow, how much they can eat and how much poop one caterpillar generates. I will spare you any pictures of poop. :)

This is how tiny he was when the Wonderful Neighbor girl brought him to me. This is 4 days later.

This is 5 days after that last photo.

Later the same night as the picture above, he crawled to the top of the jar.

The next morning, he was hanging in the "J" shape. He had attached himself to the lid somehow. If you look to the left of him, just under my thumb, you will see the remains of another George's chrysalis hanging there. I keep my jar and lid from year to year.

I always try to catch him making the chrysalis. We left and were gone about 2 hours and I came home to this.

You will notice changes in the chrysalis as he gets ready to emerge. Stay tuned for more on George.... :)

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