Monday, October 19, 2009

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Henty the Indefatiguable! Best Price in America this Week
on Classic Boys Literature
Dear Friends:

For one week only, Vision Forum is pleased to offer you the best deal in America on one of the most important libraries of classic historical adventure novels in print today — the 20-Vol. Henty Best-Sellers Library!

From Doug Phillips:
"My sons travel with me often. The books one usually finds in my eldest son’s pack include the Bible and a stash of Hentys. As a practical matter, G.A Henty has been a tool of the Lord to cultivate in my sons a ferocious passion for history and to impart to them an amazing retention of the facts of hundreds of key events in history. On dozens, if not hundreds of occasions, the Henty series has afforded me opportunities to engage my teenage sons in rich, meaningful conversations about the greatest events in history, the men behind the events, and the theology which drove those men. Whether the subject was ancient Egypt, the fall of the temple at Jerusalem, the Crusades, or the British colonization of India, the Henty historical fiction novels have been a source of never-ending blessed discussion in our home.

As a home-schooling father, I am deeply grateful for the role Henty has played in the lives of my sons. Henty books are fun, fact-filled, and downright manly. In my view, boys who read Henty are more inclined to love history and to aspire to manliness — two crucial needs in our present generation."

Henty-Inspired Bravery
G.A. Henty helped me survive the campaigns across Europe against Nazi Germany.
—Sgt. Clarence Cluff, Survivor, Juno Beach, D-Day

Vision Forum staff historian Bill Potter interviewed Sgt. Clarence R.Cluff, a home-schooled boy who grew up to be one of the many heroes to hit the beaches fighting on D-1 during the Second World War. Cluff explained that, when the Germans counterattacked, he thought of the heroes from the many G.A. Henty historical fictions he had read — how cool they remained in combat, and how they never panicked. He knew if he kept his head and used common sense, the enemy could be defeated, even when his unit was outnumbered. With this in mind, he made his platoon construct firing slits in the sandbag defenses rather than just pile them up and shoot over the top. When required to only dig one-foot deep slit trenches, he made his men dig three feet. They complained every time about all the extra work, but they “were still around after the battle and many of their comrades who shot over the sandbags or only dug one foot trenches were no longer there.” His command had the lowest casualty rate in the regiment. He proudly declared: “G.A. Henty helped me survive the campaigns across Europe against Nazi Germany.”

Save 50% on 20-Vol. Henty Best-Sellers Library —
Sale Ends October 20th

Now through October 26th, Vision Forum is pleased to offer the 20-Vol. Henty Classics Library at the best set price in America: 50% off the regular retail price! Purchase the 20-volume set and pay just $220. (Full retail value is $440 — $22 per book.). Additionally, the full 70-Volume G.A. Henty Library is also available at 50% off — only $770.

Offer good only while supplies last, and is not applicable to mail orders. Sets will ship in 10-12 days. Sale ends at midnight (CDT) on October 26th, CST.

Extra Bonus When You Purchase During This Sale!

As an extra bonus, each purchase of the 20-Vol. Henty Best-Sellers Library, or the full 70-Volume G.A. Henty Library, will receive a free Guide to G. A. Henty, and will also receive two free books in the R.M. Ballantyne Adventure Library — The Gorilla Hunters: A Tale of the Wilds of Africa, and The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean. That’s a $54 value!

Offer good only while supplies last. Sets will ship in 10-12 days. Offer ends at midnight (CDT) on October 26th, CST.


Patricia said...

I love these books and wish I had more boys at home to enjoy them with. I have thought about picking out some just for the girls as they are exciting.

Cheryl A On the Old Path said...

I wish I had an extra $770. to buy the set. I have a few of his books that I have picked up from used book stores. Sadly though if I had an extra $770. it would probably be spent on many more pressing needs. (sigh) Ah well. I have been spending the last little bit catching up on whats been going on 'Down on the Farm,' Thanks for the reminder to always let our loved ones know how we feel, your Momma sure was a beautiful lady.