Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today is an overcast day. We might get some rain and that will be fine. After 3 years of drought we will take all the rain the Lord sends our way. The high today has been 43 and I think that is the highest this week. It has been very cold for October. We have had our fire going. I have not been outside much to take pictures.

I have been crocheting. One of my favorite childrens books is called... All The Places to Love.

You can see some of the pages (without the pictures) at the above link at Amazon. The pictures are almost like photos they are so good. The book starts out with a picture of a baby wrapped in a blanket. It says... On the day I was born, my grandmother wrapped me in a blanket made from the wool of her sheep.

I love the book, the story, the pictures.... It is all about family and how they belong together. So, I have always determined that my first Grandchild will get a copy of this book along with a blanket made from the wool of my sheep. :) Earlier this year when Brittany was pregnant, I started my blanket. However, I laid it aside after she miscarried. There is no news as of yet of another grandchild on the way, but it is cold in the house and I can sit by the fire in my rocker and crochet. It sounds like a grandma type thing to do. Anyway, if I get it all done, I won't have to worry about getting one done when we hear there is another one on the way. I can start on another project for the precious little one.

Even if you don't buy a copy of this book (if you do, please use the link above... :) ) try and get it from your library or borrow it from someone. It is a really good book.

As I have been sitting there crocheting, I think about my Mom and all the different items she crocheted. On this night 4 years ago, she sat home crocheting. It brings me close to her. I really miss her!!!


Farmer's Daughter said...

I just got back from getting some yarn with my mom and grandma. We're making things for my baby boy on the way.

Patty said...

I love that book, its so sweet. I have been knitting up a storm, little blue baby things for Yentafo or "Yen" as he will be called. Of course I have some pink yarn at the ready to make Mei-Ling a hat and scarf for winter. Her first barn bonnet

Melissa said...

Marci, I have loved that book for so many years. The illustrations are just awesome and the story is wonderful too.

I know that losing a baby is hard, as you know we went through the same thing this summer. We have to give these young ladies time to heal-bodies and minds, and just trust that God knows the right timing.

Sharri said...

We have that book too, and love it!

I can't crochet, but I'm determined to learn SOON!
I wish we were neighbors!