Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More on the Chili Beans

I got some questions regarding the chili beans, so I thought I would try and answer them while I am thinking about it. :)

Lauren said that they could just scale down the recipe. It is very versatile. You can really do any part of it to taste. Lauren, maybe the Browers have a canner you could borrow.

Rachel asked how much I got. I got 7 quarts and 24 pints. That would be 19 quarts. You doubled the recipe and got 36 quarts, so we both got the right amount.

The Krahns asked how I use them. That is one of the reasons we LOVE these beans. They are very versatile. You could just open them and heat them up and eat them. We don't normally do this. We will heat them up and stuff a burrito with them. We add meat and tomatoes and make chili. You can put them in with soups to add the beans and make it thicker. They are a quick meal if you are really hungry and don't have much time.

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