Friday, October 09, 2009

I Had A Visitor!!

Every summer, I try to find (or the WN's bring them to me) caterpillars to bring in and watch them go into their chrysalis and then come out as butterflies. This is a miracle to me and I love the constant reminder that I too am a butterfly. I name them all George. That way, I don't have to remember names. :)

The other day, I looked over on my window and noticed that a "George" had come to visit me.

He stayed there for quite awhile. I wondered if he was one of the ones who emerged in my house and he came back to visit. :)

I hope you watched the butterfly video down below. It is WELL WORTH the time it takes to watch it. It shows several of God's butterflies.

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LadySnow said...

What a wonderful visitor to have! :-)