Saturday, October 10, 2009

Autumn Color is Here!!

I glanced out the window this morning, and this is what I saw. I quickly grabbed my camera and went outside in my robe and nightgown to get these pictures.

Then we had to go to town and my dear sweet Michael was very good about stopping so I could take pictures if I wanted. I try not to abuse the privilege. I really like all the contrasts in this one.

This was so beautiful.

At one place out in the middle of nowhere, I saw these trees and asked if he would stop so that I could get out and take pictures. He pulled right over and here are the pictures. :)

Do you get lots of Autumn color where you are?


Jenna said...

The pictures are lovely!! We aren't seeing that much color yet here in the South West, but I'm sure it's coming! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of God's creation:)

In Christ,

Teresa said...

I have forgotten what those wildflower heads are called (in the 8th photo down) but they were used by pioneer women to card wool until they could get/make wool-cards. I learned that during our tours of local forts which have included demos of spinning and weaving. Just thought you might enjoy the tidbit.

Beautiful scenes! I like Fall the best of the seasons (Spring is a close 2nd) Such beauty and reminders of our Father's creativity renewed in each year. Just awesome.

Emily said...

Hi Marci!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Looks like I have one faithful reader left at least. I can't believe I haven't posted since last December! It's been a rough year for me with chronic back pain that had been steadily worsening. Just haven't felt much like writing.

We're getting some gorgeous color here, too. The leaves on the ground haven't turned brown yet either so it's very pretty, especially when the sun shines on them after a rain shower.

The garden was mediocre this year. Some plants did great - peas, green beans, greens. Others did terribly - tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes. I did a few jars of fermented cukes and one of green beans. They turned out delicious, so we'll have to plant a lot more next year I guess.

Take care, and God bless you!

LadySnow said...

The color is absolutely beatiful and we have a tree right out our front door that is a bright orange. It is so beautiful! Just dislike the fact the temp has been pretty much consistenly 10 degrees cooler than the average. Would be nice if it would warm up a bit. The heating bill is going to increase earlier this year I am afraid. :-(

Regina said...

Hi Marci, I just got caught up on your blog. I have been away from the computer for a few days. The pictures are so beautiful. I love the colors of Autumn, it is my favorite season.

Your great niece is so pretty. Carli looks like a great mom! Congratulations to the family.

Have a wonderful day in the Lord.