Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Pictures of Snow and a UFO!!!

These first three pictures were taken yesterday. Someone asked me about our animals in this cold and snow. None of the cows are currently in milk, but even if they were, we milk near or under a shelter. The chickens do come out and scratch around, but they also stay in the coop a lot more than normal. Our sheep love being out in the cold. Their fleece is good and thick and keeps them toasty. I will often look out and see them laying in the snow. All of our animals have a shelter that they can go in to get out of the wind. Here are the sheep eating some hay we threw to them. Notice the snow on their backs?

Here is that bucket outside my back door that I showed in an earlier post. :) I told Michael that it looked like an "outie" belly button.

This picture I took today. You can see the snow on top of the bird feeders. Michael went out with a yard stick and measured the snow on the ground. It was 8 inches. So, we probably got 6 inches yesterday.

Pictures just don't do this justice. It is truly beautiful outside. All the trees are thickly coated. Each post or weed is covered with a large dollop of snow.

Here is my bird bath and my Echinacea. They look more like Snowdrops. :)

This is out the back door. I know.... you are supposed to take your tomato stakes out of the ground. If you look at the left side of the picture among the tomato stakes (that should be gone... yes I know!!), you will see my raised herb bed. Just part of the side of it is showing. I believe those boards were 12 inches wide. You can also see my sunflower hanging over with a large white bonnet on its head.

Then all of a sudden.... A UFO appeared.... I did not know what it was, but it drew me to the window... Oh, its the SUN!!!! The sun came out and it is beautiful. It looks like there are millions of diamonds out there in the snow.

I know you people in the north are probably tired of my snow pictures. My Florida friends are enjoying them. :) It was 7 degrees when I got up this morning. Then it went down to 4 and then down to 1. It is back up to 7 with the sunshine!!! HEATWAVE!!! :)


Sharri said...

I think it looks lovely!
A winter wonderland!!!
I hope it's on the way to me!

TnFullQuiver said...

Just so you feel better about your tomato stakes, ours are still in the ground too. It was always at the bottom of the things to do list and somehow it just never got accomplished!!!
grace and peace,

fourkid said...

FL friend here!! I love rthe snao pictures. Snow on the ground, cold temps, and bright sun are my very favorite days!!!

Reviekat said...

I love your snow pictures! We are freezing here but don't have the beautiful snow to make it more enjoyable.

Great pictures. :)


Gail said...

I love seeing the pictures of farm animals and SNOW! It looks like home!
Gail, in snowy Montana