Friday, January 02, 2009

Just Sharin' The Fun!!

I am just going to be sharing some pictures from this week. I have had some wonderful subjects to photograph.

The children had been over to visit Joshua and Brittany's apartment. They felt the refrigerator door was too plain. So, when they got back here, they set to work to make pictures for her to post on the fridge.

For whatever reason, they LOVE to play IN the toy closet. I have a large box of toys in there, but they were all in the closet playing as much as out of the closet.

This is one of the younger ones wearing a jacket that was Joshua's when he was little. She is the 4th or 5th one in their family to borrow this coat when they come to visit.

Here are a couple of pictures of the baby. I have enjoyed having all of them, but especially cuddle time with this wee one.

She is laying down in this picture. I love to see her cheeks hang down. :)

There have been some good games of Risk.

Lots of books have been read.

This is their dog, Duke. He is a male dog. After they had already left to come up here (bringing the dog with them), we found out that one of our dogs was just going into heat. Poor Duke has been one frustrated dog. Here he is watching "HER" through the door to the porch where she is quarantined.

He has been very depressed. :) Poor boy....

Today, most everyone went down to Old Man's Cave in southern Ohio. It is a state park with lots of hiking trails and some wonderful examples of God's beauty in nature. They were going to hike and some of the older ones were going to do some climbing. Terri and I stayed home with the 2 youngest and the oldest, who would not be able to get around well on crutches. They were all getting dressed to go with their Dad and this one decided that even though she couldn't go, she wanted her hat, scarf and gloves on.

Each time I start taking pictures, this little guy asks me to take his. Who could resist?


Patricia said...

What sweetness... children have such an innocent beauty in them. I can't wait to see your life filled to overflowing with grandchildren.

Mary said...

What a beautiful quiver of children! Will you be posting a picture of the fridge door after the "decorating"! LOL!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Such cuties!

Phase II said...

I love that first photo...
poor Duke, is he a golden or a yellow lab? We have a golden who is light like Duke.

Happy New Year.