Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ice And Snow Equal Winter

I told you that we were supposed to get ice and snow yesterday. When I went outside, there were little pellets of snow coming down with the freezing rain. You can see them on the ground in the picture below.

It looked like rain, but as you can see on the front of the car, there are little icicles.

The windows were totally covered in ice as well.

Today, we are getting some snow. Not much so far, but it is coming down. It is very hard to see in this first picture, but it is snowing.
It basically looks like a foggy picture, but that is the snow coming down.

You can really see the snow on this short video I took out the front door. You can hear my wind chimes singing.

This picture and video were taken just a short time after the video above. The ground is a bit more covered.


Lynn Bartlett said...

We are supposed to receive 5-10 more inches of snow tomorrow! It just doesn't quit around here! So far this winter every time the plow comes in to clean out our driveway it snows again the next day, and we have to wait until the plow comes again so we can get out. Well, the plow came yesterday, and once again it will snow tomorrow! TN said...

That looks really cold. It has been the same here in Tennessee today. The wind has been terrible. There's no snow on the ground but some in the forecast.

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
Thanks for sharing some winter scenes with us! It sure doesn't look like we are going to see any snow anytime soon here in

~Have a great day!~

Jennifer said...

Sure looks like winter and cold! Be careful if you have to get out and drive in that!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Just loved looking at your photos, especially the woods! Stay warm! blessings, Kathleen

Mary said...

Hi Marci~
I'm new to your blog. I love your pictures! You live in a beautiful area. God is good, isn't he? One day we would like to live on a small farm. The Lord will lead us when the time is right. I will visit you often!!
Blessings, Mary

Phase II said...

Be careful just walking let alone driving. its not great here either my daughter got in an accident yesterday due to the weather.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Snow is pretty coming down but it can quit snowing here any time now! We have several inches on the ground and more on the way today and again Sunday.