Saturday, September 06, 2008

Weeds And/Or Flowers

This is a weed that is growing out beside our barn. I don't remember ever seeing it. The goldenrod are starting to bloom as are other flowers/weeds, but I don't recall seeing this one. Does anyone know what it is?

There were TONS of wild cherries on the trees this year. This tree is always full of sparrows, but there are still a bunch of wild cherries on it. I heard that the Farmer's Almanac is 80-85% right. It says that this winter (all except for the southeast) is going to be extremely cold and catastrophic. Hmmmmm......

When they call it GIANT ragweed they mean giant. Here is a large one growing up taller than the barn roof. It is back behind a bunch of briars, so we could not cut it down.

My Sedum are starting to turn pinkish. Mine never get that really pretty pink I see others have. They are very pretty though.

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