Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Life on the Farm...

We were blessed the other evening to be able to spend it with the Wonderful Neighbor children. Their parents had somewhere to go and asked if we would keep them. They love to pick a movie to watch when they are over. They watched the movie and thenI asked the WN girl if she wanted to put out my Autumn decorations. She loves to do things like that and is very good at it.

The boys went out with Michael and played some football in the side yard.

Then last evening, Michael went out to rake the hay and Caleb, a friend, came over and ran the baler behind Michael. The WN man and his son and Joshua put the hay bales on the wagon to go in the barn. It was very dark when they were all done. We were so thankful to have it in the barn.

Then God blessed us with a good rain last night. We really needed it. We still need a lot more, but we are thankful for every bit we get. I woke up and heard loud thunder. That meant the dogs were right outside our bedroom door getting as close as they could to us. =) Ginny said that she got around an inch in her rain gauge. Here is what we got in the birdbath. =)

It is amazing how one rain can make it seem greener. I was just looking at this pasture yesterday and it looked totally brown and dry. They cows are still hunting for morsels. You can see our movable turkey pen in the background with the blue tarp on it.

Most of you have seen a dog stretch this way. Since Star was very young, when she does this I would say, "Bow to the Queen!" She will now bow on command. =)

Aaahhhh.... the blessings of raindrops!!

I love this picture. I planted a bunch of sunflower seeds, but they got dug up accidentally. This is my lone sunflower in the garden. It is bending down over my Adirondack chair. I am not sure if it wants to commune with me or keep the rain off.

This morning, I was still in my robe and nightgown. I was thinking of all that I had to get done and was hoping for a good day. I heard one of the lambs make a funny sound, so I wanted to make sure they were all right. I went out back and could see all the sheep and they appeared to be OK. Then I heard a cow start mooing. I went back through the house to the front and what to my wondering eyes did appear.... but a very dark cow standing way too near. Yes, a cow was out. I called my handy dandy cow patrol, raced to get dressed and made it out the door as they arrived. They are a wonderful help in getting cows in. As we were out there fixing the fence and one of them was going to turn it back on (we turned it off to get the cow in), it started to rain on us. It felt so good to be out in the rain. It did not pour, but it was a nice steady rain. So, I got a free shower as well. =)


Mary said...


What a wonderful post. I loved seeing the WN girl putting out the autumn decor. I'm sure she enjoyed doing it.

I can relate to getting the cow back in the pasture and then fixing the fence. I've done it plenty of times in my younger days.

I really enjoyed visiting with you today. Take care and enjoy the beauty of autumn.


Mary said...

PS. Love the photo of the dog stretching and your description of it bowing to the queen. Meeko used to shake before he came into the house. When he did, I said, "Shake it" and he now understands that command.

Peggy said...

I just love reading about daily life down on your farm. We are getting rain this morning and it sounds wonderful on the roof. Have a blessed day

Sharri said...

You're way ahead of me on the fall decoration thing...the the WN girl will come to DE? :0)
You'll have to post a pic of her finished product!

I know you are so happy to have the hay done and in the barn! And before the rain came!

Are you having Star practicing bow to the queen so she'll be ready when she sees me? LOL

I loved the pic of the leaves w/rain drops on it!

You certainly have a wonderful life on the farm! You're blessed!