Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Product Highlight

On Thursdays I plan on highlighting a product that we carry in the General Store. This will give people a chance to hear about why we chose to carry that product.

This week, I want to highlight the book Hearth & Home - Recipes for Life by Karey Swan. I have owned a copy of this book for many years. If I had to downsize and keep just 2 or 3 cookbooks, this would for sure be one of them.

It is not just a cookbook. It is truly full of recipes for life. Here are some chapter titles from the table of contents:
  • Homemade Health
  • Breakfast Anyone?!!
  • Breads & Ladies
  • Dinner or Supper?
  • Soups & Stocks
  • Beans & Burgers
  • Pies & Sweet Somethings
  • Cooking Tips & Pantry Stocking
  • Common Sense Nutrition
  • Gardening & Bringing in the Harvest
  • Homemade Soap
  • Recipes for Life
  • Homemade Soap
  • The Art of Life
  • Thought Food for the Future
This book has recipes and tips on all sorts of things. There are poems and scripture. There are fun things to do with your family and children. She helps you to set up a pantry and gives help in keeping it stocked. There are beautiful drawings through out the book done by her husband, Monte. There are stories written by her and her husband. It is a book you can sit down and read, not just use recipes from. It is the sort of book, you would love to have had your Mom make for you.

Within the pages, you are challenged to find meaning at its deepest level - holiness and wholeness in Christ. Amongst the journaled reflections, inspirational quotes and nutritional recipes, you can almost smell the irresistible aroma of fresh-baked whole wheat bread. Hearth and Home is about life, about family and about the fullness God invites us to enjoy.

About the Author
Karey Swan...a fresh vision for family and parenting. Karey was born in Salzburg, Austria and raised in Colorado and Arizona. She studied nutrition and landscape architecture at the University of Arizona. Karey is a life-long learner and has studied harder after her formal schooling teaching herself subjects ranging from beekeeping to theology. Her greatest creative passions are homemaking, textile art, gardening and writing.

Karey married her husband Monte in 1975 and traveled and explored the Western U.S. with their young children before settling in the Colorado mountains in 1983. Shortly after settling into Colorado, Karey designed their house around a family kitchen, good books and the constant sounds of music. Together, Karey and Monte cultivate relationships through hospitality and a constant passion for communicating a Biblical worldview to people.

Karey and Monte decided to homeschool before their first child was born and now spend fifty percent of their time ministering to homeschool families. Karey has a regular radio spot called The Heart of the Home which airs on the nationally broadcasted Home Education Network (HEN). Conference attendees say they are genuine and their words and music sparkle like a mountain stream-clear, natural and real.

Beginning in the early 1980s, Karey's focus has been on the family. Karey brings to the Christian community a fresh new vision for the family and parenting.

This makes an excellent gift for a friend or a wedding shower. Come check out what all is available in the General Store. If you want an apron for the holidays or to give as a gift, get your order in early as they are each made to order.


LadySnow said...

Sounds like a wonderful book to have. :D

Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful book. I knew Karey and Monte when we were living in Colorado and were homeschooling and I really thought a lot of them. Wish I could hear them sing again!

Sharri said...

This is an excellent book! I am so glad that you are carrying it - it is hard to find!
I had to go all the way to Prince Edward Island to find my copy!

I see you also carry Sue Gregg's cookbooks as well.
You have some great items!

Patty said...

I have never seen that cook book Marci, one to put on my wish list it seems. Thanks for the letting us know about it.